Roof materials you can choose from

June 8, 2020 12:10 pm


When it comes to choosing materials for a roof,  you have plenty to pick from. Of course it is always best to leave the suggestions up to a professional Gloucester Roofer such as  given that they know more about the materials than we do. Here are some of the choices that are available.

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Slate tiles – This is the perfect choice when it comes to property roofs. Although slate has been used for years and years it does provide a modern look as well as being strong and allows the water to run off your roof rather than being absorbed.  They can be found in a number of different colours, depending on the look you are trying to achieve.

Willow – Not used much nowadays unless you are going to be creating a replica of an ancient roundhouse. Willow weaving has become a popular hobby and there are many groups that you can join throughout the country.

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Straw – found on thatched roofs this material is reserved only for these roof types. The work of a thatcher is very precise and requires a lot of training in order to ensure that the straw is attached to the house properly and that water is not allowed to leak through the roof and into the building underneath.