How does double glazing work?

June 15, 2020 1:51 pm


If you want your home to be more energy efficient, it will pay to find out more about double glazing. Double glazing acts like insulation, reducing household energy bills and adding to the value of the property. Double glazing remains one of the most popular home improvements for these reasons, but why is it more efficient than a single pane?

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Double glazing helps to stop heat being lost through the glass. It also prevents draughts seeping through the window and the frame. The insulation acts in a similar fashion to cavity wall insulation. The two panes fitted close together have a small gap in the middle which is called an air gap or pocket. For more information on Glass Suppliers Bristol, visit a site like Roman Glass, leading Glass Suppliers Bristol

As the air trapped in this small area is unable to circulate, it keeps the hot air inside the home and the cold air outside. The trapped air acts as a poor conductor, thus reducing the amount of heat lost from the property. The less heat that leaves the interior, the warmer a room will be.

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The majority of double-glazed windows are constructed from upvc or aluminium frames, both materials that are strong and efficient in their own right. It is important that are no gaps in the frames which is a way that cold air could creep inside the home.

Double glazing also offers further benefits, such as increased security. Two panes are definitely harder to smash than one! Modern double-glazed windows will also add value to a property.