The book of Kells is Ireland’s greatest treasure.

June 4, 2020 10:53 am


Deep within the hallowed halls of learning at Trinity College Dublin lies the famous Book of Kells. It is an illustrated and illuminated manuscript from the early medieval period. It is truly one of Ireland’s best and most visited treasures. The protection of the book is paramount and you can be assured that the best Locksmith Dublin has to offer will have been on the case.

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The Book is a collection of the Gospels. It is a collection taken from all over Ireland and some parts of the UK. The fact it is in existence at all is something of a minor miracle given the state of the world when it was made. Viking raiders would have valued it for plunder and it seems there was a concerted effort to keep it safe, although we do not know how the monks were able to do it.

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The book contains many illustrations with beasts of myth and legend interspersed with Christian iconography and the Celtic Knot. It is written on Vellum not paper. Vellum is calf skin that has been especially treated so that it can be written and drawn on and lasts longer.  The book must have been extremely important as it has colours that could only have been achieved with long distance foreign trade.