Little known facts about dog collars

May 11, 2020 9:51 pm


Dog collars are a staple item for any dog owner as are leads. Today you can find a huge range of Designer Dog Collars and leads available for almost any occasion. There are many facts around about the uses of dog collars throughout the years so we thought we would collate together some of the little known facts.

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  • The Egyptians created the first Designer Dog Collars that were often made from leather and adorned with jewels and gems. They were used to decorate their dogs and to show off their status rather than for practical reasons.
  • Spiked collars were used by Ancient Greece as a way to protect their dogs. When farmers used dogs for herding there was always the potential for them to be mauled by wild wolves. The farmers used teh spiked collars to protect the dogs delicate neck area from a wolf’s bite.

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  • Invisible fences were invented due to a love of dogs. Richard Peck was upset by the number of dogs he would see on a daily basis in his job as a travelling salesman, getting knocked over as there was no adequate way to keep them in people‚Äôs gardens. He came up with the idea of the invisible fence as a way to combat this.