Tree pests and what to do about them

May 12, 2020 1:04 pm


Trees provide a food, shelter and general habitat to so many animals and plant types  it boggles the mind. However it also means that this bio warehouse is a target for many pests as well. None of them are good news to trees. What are the most common types of pest that say a Poole Tree Surgeon would expect to deal with.

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  1. Aphids. Easily one of the most irritating creatures put on the planet their primary function seems to be to kill off any new growth by literally sucking the life out of it. They only seem to be around to provide ladybirds with a food source. and to keep the ladybirds down is why we have Wasps. Ultimately it’s the Aphids fault.
  2. The Asian Longhorn beetle. Currently this is a problem in the rest of the world but if these little devils get in we shall see a sharp reduction on all of our broad leafed tree life.

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  1. The Black Turpentine beetle. Evergreens and Conifers are seen as being quite hardy but not to this terrible pest that strips the bark of them.
  2. The Douglas Fir moth. Sadly we can’t tell this defoliating pest to leave a few leaves on the poor Fir. It just keeps going till there is nothing left.

It’s a full time job keeping them in check.