Can I get double glazing on a listed property?

November 2, 2020 4:26 pm


Some of us are lucky enough to live in a listed building. This is where the property has been deemed important to the historic fabric of the town, village or city that you live in. There are as you might have guessed quite old and there are certain restrictions that are placed on what you can do with them in terms of development. This is a great shame for the residents as these old buildings could probably do with a bit of double glazing like that from Double Glazing Cheltenham based company Firmfix for example.

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The main reason is that double glazing performs two main roles. Due to the partition in its centre acting as a break the glass is able to keep the heat within the property in the winter and keeps the cold out by deflecting and reflecting the heat back into the home. In the summer the reverse happens and the heat is kept out as the glass reflects back the UV rays and brightness.

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All of this would help a listed building as they are costly to heat due to the age of the place. Whilst that rustic look is very aesthetically pleasing it isn’t on the back balance. Also they can be stuffy in the winter time. So is there a solution. For the most part it is ok to switch as long as you keep to the guidelines and consult with council planning. You might not be allowed to have UPVC but will have to use wooden frames instead.