Alternative Renewable Energy Sources for the Future

November 3, 2020 7:04 am


Time is running out for us to be able to put right the damage that humans have done to the planet. As we have seen the many devastating effects humans on the planet – from the pollution in the oceans to the increasing amount of natural disasters like wildfires and hurricanes wreaking havoc all over the world.


There are many ways that we can do more to make changes – many businesses now use a business recycling service like this and people are starting to use cars less and cycle more which is great.


One of the other things that human beings can do is to change to more environmentally friendly energy sources – these are three of the energy sources that we should all be looking to change to in the future…


Solar Power – Harnessing the energy from the sun solar power is fast becoming a hugely popular form of energy for many people. It is one of the best forms of renewable energy on the planet.

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Wind Power – Using turbines, many people are generating power by using the energy produced by the wind. Offshore wind farms are great as a lot of power can be generated by the large gusts at sea.

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Water power – Also known as hydroelectric, there are many water generated power stations in the UK, including Dinorwig in North Wales which you can visit and see for yourself how the water is turned into electricity.