The art of ancient Locks

September 4, 2020 5:25 pm


Since human beings began to keep things they have made or found the need to keep them safe has been paramount. Trying to adequately secure something to stop it from being stolen is a very important part of our daily lives. This was true of the ancient civilisations just as it is today. Our ancestors were keen to employ the services of a Locksmith Dublin. Cardiff, Belfast, London or wherever else they may be, so that our homes and valuables could be secure. Although they did not have the excellent service provided by as we do they made a pretty good job of it.

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The ancient Assriyans were the first to use a simple lock and key device that served them very well. In those times the situation was fraught and the various tribes and societies could be thrown into conflict. Also keeping one’s valuables safe was a way of ensuring your wealth. Soon to follow this idea is the Egyptians. They used a wood lock that used dropping pins to seal the door. A basic key was inserted to move the pins back into the open position.

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The main developers of the lock and key system were the Roman’s. As their empire grew so did their wealth. It was a sign of great affluence to have a locked room or strong box. In fact the wealthy Roman liked to show off by openly wearing the key, or keys as a sign as to how rich they were.