How to clean grass off a lawnmower blade

August 26, 2020 4:25 pm


You may think that cleaning grass off your lawnmower blade is a bit of a chore; however, regular maintainence will help you to keep your mower working smoothly and, in turn, keep your lawn healthy.

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What steps can you take to clean your lawnmower blade?

Better safe than sorry

When it comes to cleaning your lawnmower blade, as with all Mountfield parts, safety comes first. It is essential to make sure that you remove the plug from the mains to prevent any nasty accidents whilst you are handling the sharp blade, even if the mower is switched off. Another reason to ensure that the mower is disconnected from electricity is that the next step includes water!

Rinsing the blade

After each use and once you have switch the mower off, it is best to rinse the blade with water from a hose with a jet attachment. You can also use a pressure washer if you have one. Ensure that you get all the grass out of the gaps and off the blade. If necessary, you can use your hands to pull out clumps of grass and make sure no remains have fallen into the mower’s engine. You can use a little cooking spray to remove those really tough grass marks. Remember to always use gloves and take care with the sharp blade and other potentially dangerous Mountfield parts.

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Spring cleaning

If you haven’t cleaned your lawnmower from the last use, it is important to remove any built-up grass clippings from the blade before you use it again. You can use a steel brush to get rid of debris and rust and this maintenance session is a good opportunity to sharpen the blade using a grinding wheel and file. If you don’t sharpen the blade regularly, it is more likely to rip the grass rather than cutting it cleanly, not only ruining your lawn but also increasing the chances of longer grass becoming entangled in the blade next time you use your mower.

It really is that simple. If you ensure that safety is in place first, all you need is a little water and/or cooking spray to clean the blade. By sharpening the blades regularly, your lawnmower will run smoothly for longer and keep your lawn in pristine condition.