Building a Brand and the Importance of your Logo

June 24, 2020 2:03 pm


Business is changing rapidly, partly thanks to a global pandemic and partly due to advancing technology changing shopping habits. In the past decade we have seen the high street sales decline, but online sales have been booming.

If you are wanting to start a business, don’t let the economic downturn put you off. You just have to be aware of changing shopping habits and consumer demand. But when it comes to starting a business a good place to start is with brand identity. Many people use a brand design agency such as to help them with their branding.

A good example of strong brand identity is McDonalds – when someone mentions it you probably can picture the logo in your mind – the famous ‘golden arches’. This is a great example of a company who have built a good brand identity and been successful in their marketing.

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A brand is essential to showing your customers the embodiment of your company and communicating with them. It also earns you respect in the business world, as a recognisable brand is the sign of a successful business. So, when you are creating your brand, a lot of thought should go into it – it is certainly more than a good-looking logo.

Research colours, as when it comes to branding colours speak volumes – for example if we look at McDonalds again you will notice than many fast food chains also use the colour red. This is because it invokes feelings of urgency and speed – perfect for fast food.

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To summarise, coming up with the perfect logo doesn’t happen overnight, but should be a carefully thought out process if you are to be successful.