Gaining Gas. The move away from coal.

June 25, 2020 1:14 pm


In the 1800’s all home’s were, be they the stately pile to the peasants hovel, all needing one thing to keep them fed with hot meals, keep the home warm in winter and make sure that a nice hot cup of tea was available. This was the use of coal in the fireplace, hearth and boiler. Everything in the home relied on what was in the coal scuttle and the delivery man did a roaring trade. However, there was a move a foot that would break coals dominance. There was  soon to be a new provider of energy on the market and it’s name was natural gas. Boilers are not cheap and that is why you should look at a Boiler Finance Evesham based company like

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Natural gas comes from the earth in exactly the same way as oil. It is the rotted remains of the dinosaurs and plants trapped under mud and heated by rocks and pressure. We tap into this resource and channel it into great storage areas that make their way to our homes via pipes.

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Natural gas is quite volatile and the rawness needs to be taken out of it first. There are several impurities that need to be removed and, most importantly, the famous smell needs to be added. Natural gas is odourless and if it wasn’t put in you wouldn’t know there was a leak.