Interior Design Tips for Your Bedroom

June 30, 2020 5:25 am


Not many of us can afford to pay an interior designer to come and change our decor. If you’re looking for a way to turn your bedroom into a boudoir chic, then you’ll love these tips from interior designers:

The starting point is the colour. Colour is very important when creating the right atmosphere for the bedroom. Think about the mood you want to create, then select from a variety of colours that fit that mood. Do not be afraid to use strong or bold colours as well. If you do not want too much on the wall, do not forget you can use the ceiling as a fifth wall also for a splash of colour or even wallpaper.

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Creating the mood means choosing the right lighting atmosphere. A mixture of lighting is needed – task lighting for dressing and soft lighting for reading and relaxation. Why not opt for a modern chandelier overhead and a bedside table lamp for low light? Ideally, all bedroom lighting should have a dimmer switch to adjust the atmosphere. Remember to set off a stunning overhead light with a matching Ceiling Rose from a site like

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Instead of having a lot of focal points for the eye to take in, choose instead one major focal points which more visually relaxing. For example, a large headboard almost touching the ceiling is a great way to create a central focal point and make the room look more luxurious.