All about Silicone Moulding

April 19, 2021 2:21 pm


Silicone moulding is a process of manufacturing plastic parts in which liquid silicone (a solid type of silicone) is poured or injected into molds to create the desired object. Silicone moulding is usually used to manufacture bumpers, toys, buttons, holsters and other objects used in everyday life. It can also be used to manufacture plastic parts that have a convex surface, such as bumpers and slides. Silicone has many useful properties that make it very successful as an industrial lubricant and thermosetting agent, making it one of the most commonly used plastic for products that need to stand up to heat and pressure. Products that are made from silicone have a much longer shelf life than those that are made from other plastics, meaning that they are better for the environment.

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Silicone moulding, like that from Meadex, is done by pouring the liquid silicone into a mould, either through a hole in the top or through a tube. Once the liquid is in the mould, the silicone will harden, becoming almost solidified, and will then be pressed together at a high rate of speed until the desired result is achieved.

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The thickness of the final object will be dependent upon the amount of time and effort that was spent in the original design process and the materials used in the moulding process. Some silicone can be found in its liquid form in its natural state; however, most objects are manufactured with silicone already solidified in some form, usually by being mixed with other compounds such as silicon carbide.