The large, old market town of Northampton situated on the banks of the River Nene

May 26, 2020 4:40 pm


With a huge population of over two hundred and twenty-four thousand people, the large, old market town of Northampton is beautifully situated on the banks of the River Nene. There have been many, interesting archaeological findings here dating as far back as the Bronze Age, The Romans and the Anglo-Saxons.  One of the oldest buildings to be found there and one that is still standing, is The Holy Sepulchre, well-preserved it is one of the largest round Churches in England and is truly spectacular.

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What a magnificent, beautiful, old Church and one that definitely makes you think about Wedding Venues Northampton. A Church that would inspire most couples to seriously think about getting married and to look at websites such as  There are several other notable Church buildings in Northampton including; the Cathedral, seat of The Bishop, St Peters, St Matthews and St Edmunds, now unfortunately demolished.

Many, historically significant events have taken place at the old Castle in Northampton including the imprisonment of Thomas Becket, the home to The English Parliament and a Royal Residence. Originally built in 1084, the Castle was demolished in 1879 to make way for the new Railway Station.

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The former Cluniac Nunnery of Delapre Abbey lies just south of the town and was the site of the famous, second battle of Northampton. The body of Eleanor of Castile was once laid to rest there on its way to London and there is now, only one of three original Eleanor Crosses still in place at the side of the Abbey.