The benefits of a purpose-built dementia care home

July 27, 2020 4:28 pm


When it comes to dementia care, you want a home with an excellent reputation for providing the highest quality person- centred care, which recognises each person as a unique individual and addresses their own needs.

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Dementia care homes that are purpose-built include design features that can help people with dementia by:

  1. Creating an environment that is familiar

A homely social life, domestic-style kitchen and a lounge providing the comfort of familiar faces are essential, as are places where good relationships are built and everyday activities such as baking can be continued.

  1. Allowing ease of orientation

A simple building plan, communal panels in doors and the subtle use of colour on the doors, décor and walkways help citizens to identify their location and reduce anxiety that can arise with feelings of disorientation. For more information on Dementia Care Homes Leicester, visit

  1. Freedom and security

Straightforward access to all areas of the home safely with secure doors and access to an outdoor area also provides the freedom get mobile and enjoy being outside in the good weather. Getting outside and enjoying nature in a pleasantly landscaped garden is also important from a sensory and mental perspective.

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  1. Provide practicality

Private rooms with quality furnishings and en-suite facilities all help to create a homely feel. Low level night lighting provides a peaceful and relaxed environment. Simple and functional fabrics and materials mean that accommodation is not blighted by any spillages or mess, which will also help to reduce anxiety.