“The Best Seat in the House”

July 28, 2020 3:53 pm


Launched onto the popular “You Tube” channel on March 31st this year, “The Best Seat in the House” is a free entertainment show especially for vulnerable people and Care Home Residents in the UK.  Around the Country, a Care Home Taunton, Nottingham, Cardiff and Birmingham can enjoy this incredible, free show.  Many Care Homes Taunton, Warwick, Torquay or Hull are taking advantage of this professional charity run idea.  “The Not Forgotten” Charity run by the British Armed Forces is performing “The Best Seat in the House” on the “You Tube” Channel every Tuesday and Friday.

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With Special guests and famous celebrities featuring on the show and songs from the first and second World Wars the free show is emotional and poignant, bringing happy tears and smiles all around.  Familiar faces from; Emmerdale, The Bill, Allo Allo, some West End Musicals and Good Morning Britain grace the elite production.  The one-hour long show has been especially put together to make up for the cancellation of the Charities usual annual tour of Care Homes in the UK.

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Promoting traditional, familiar songs that elderly residents can join in and sing-a-long with is the main aim of the “Not Forgotten” team members.  Singing and laughter is the medicine and tonic the actors, actresses and singers bring to the Care Homes they visit.  Dementia and Alzheimer suffers alongside elderly and other anxious residents enjoy the shows and are visibly much more relaxed and able to communicate through singing along with the entertainers.