Do You Know Which Trousers to Wear with Your Tweed Jacket?

September 6, 2021 2:29 pm


Tweed is the quintessential fabric for cooler months, being wool with a dense weave which has origins going back to Scotland in the 18th century. If you live in Scotland, then you will certainly know something about dressing appropriately for chilly weather.

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Versatile and Timeless

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Tweed is a highly versatile fabric with a classic quality which makes it transcend fashion. However, to get the most from its timeless style, you need to combine your tweed jacket with the best possible combinations of garments and accessories. Tweed can be plain or patterned and can be dressed up or down to shine in a wide variety of social and professional situations. For some classic tweed looks, see this spread in The Guardian.

As tweed is so adaptable, different kinds of trousers can be worn with it. You can wear a tweed jacket with tweed trousers to create an entire suit, but that might be overdoing the tweed for most occasions. It’s possible to combine a tweed jacket with chinos in an appropriate colour for a look that still has formal edge. Chinos are easy to style and combine with tweed.

Smart-Casual with Jeans

Jeans are also a great pairing with tweed, as the relaxed feel of denim will combine with the more formal tweed for a wonderful smart-casual look. High-quality jeans such as mens ETO denim jeans are the obvious pairing to go with a classy material such as tweed. If you want to find out more about mens ETO denim jeans, then looking at a trusted source such as should yield some tips and advice.

Another option, which in terms of formality is just a step down from tweed trousers, is to wear moleskins. Moleskin is cotton but woven extremely densely, and the overall effect is quite smart. If choosing moleskins, then make sure the colour is one which will complement your tweed jacket.

You can’t go wrong with a tweed jacket in your wardrobe. If you have a variety of shirts and trousers or jeans to pair with it, then you have a great supply of outfits which will take you seamlessly through all occasions.