What to wear to work if there is no set uniform

April 24, 2020 3:00 pm


The advantages of wearing a uniform to work every day are clear, the clothes are provided for you, you know exactly what you are going to wear on a daily basis and you never have to worry about what different clothes to choose.

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What if there is no set uniform though, how can you make the most practical use of the clothes that you have in your wardrobe?  The best advice is to have a small selection of clothes for work and a completely different set of clothes for leisure wear.  A man’s work selection should consist of at least; two pairs of trousers, five shirts and several Aran Sweaters alongside two pairs of smart comfortable shoes. For the ladies; two skirts or pairs of trousers, five blouses, several cardigans and a pair of smart comfortable shoes or sandals.

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Rotate the shirts, trousers and your choice of Aran Sweater so you look fresh and smart on a day to day basis. Practical and heard wearing this range of clothing should last a long time and continue to look good, is easy to wash and dry and doesn’t cost a fortune to buy. Your leisure clothes can freely reflect your style as an individual but your work attire should be practical, smart, clean and unoffensive.