Plan a Trip to Russia for a Holiday a Little Different

August 21, 2020 6:13 am


When you are planning a holiday, Russia may not immediately spring to mind, but why not? It has it all – beautiful architecture, places of historic interest, amazing nightlife and even great beaches! So, whatever you fancy doing, you are sure to find something for you, and get away from the traditional tourist trap destinations to experience something a little different!

Russia is a vast country and life in different parts of it can differ immensely from region to region – local laws and customs can also vary. Make sure that you have good travel insurance before you go – Mark Richard Insurance are insurance brokers in Bath, and will be able to help you with what you need to be insured.

Sochi – Known as the Russian riviera, it often surprises people to learn that Russia, the land more famous for ice and snow, has gorgeous beaches drenched in sunshine in the summer! Set on the banks of the Black sea, Sochi has many fabulous beaches, and luxury hotels that feature private beaches too!

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St. Petersburg -If it is architecture you are after, Russia has it in droves, but it has to be St Petersburg if you want a city full of stunning beaty to roam around. With so many different styles and stunning buildings to see, from neoclassical, style modern to the soviet architecture of the Cold War era – it’s a real feast for the eyes.

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History lovers will adore Moscow, with so much history packed into one city, it will not be possible to see it all in one trip – the Kremlin (the residence of the current president of the country), Red Square (a world heritage site and home to the mausoleum where the body of Vladimir Lenin lies in rest) and of course the iconic St. Basils Cathedral – the building that is the icon of Moscow that was built in the 16th Century under order by Ivan the terrible!