In what ways is a wood floor better than a carpet

May 11, 2020 5:57 pm


There are so many ways that a wood floor is better than a carpet. There now follows a quick list highlighting just exactly what they are. Wood Flooring is becoming a more and more popular option in the home over the traditional choice of carpet.

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  1. Easy to clean. You don’t get the same kind of issues with a wood floor than you do with carpet. Carpet stains easily, even if it’s treated the fibres absorb the liquid and the stain stubbornly stays.
  2. Less chance of your allergies playing up. As we mentioned above, the fibres in the carpet are very good at catching and attaching themselves to any bit of passing pollen. As you walk by this pollen is released into the atmosphere of the home and can set them off.
  3. Cooler in the summer. Whether you believe in global warming or not the figures suggest that the Earth is going through a warm period. Carpets retain heat and restrict air flow unlike wood floors.

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  1. Longer lasting. As long as you keep maintaining the laminate on the floor and clean it regularly with wipes you’ll find that the wear and tear that you get with carpet is nowhere near as much on a laminate floor.

It’s the future, embrace it.