How to keep active in retirement

May 4, 2020 3:41 pm


After moving into Park Homes Gloucestershire way such as or a bungalow you might find that your activity levels start to drop a little with no stairs around to climb. There are some ways in which you can help to keep yourself active and healthy in retirement.

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  • Sleep – although sleep might not be our first thought when it comes to keeping healthy it is actually incredibly important that you get enough sleep to allow your body to be well rested and for your immune system to be functioning at its best.
  • Stay social – keeping in contact with others helps us to keep happy and healthy. Social connections help with our mental wellbeing and as we move into retirement our connections can decrease as we aren’t attending a place of work each day. This is where retirement communities and friendships are key.

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  • Walking – in order to stay healthy and active you don’t need to be hitting the gym each day or running on a treadmill. Simply walking each day will help to key your heart and lungs healthy and your muscles and joints mobile. This could be a walk to get your paper or shopping or perhaps a longer walk out into the countryside for some fresh air.