Which collar style do you prefer

December 22, 2020 4:41 am


A clever shirt with a collar is going to take you everywhere. Since there are so many combinations in style, cut and colour these days, it can be tricky to narrow down what is right for you. The collar is the only part of the shirt on display when you wear a jacket and tie, and as such provides a backdrop for your face, so the style of collar you select is an essential factor.  Look at some Mens Farah Clothes from https://www.louisboyd.co.uk/brands/farah.html for great examples.

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Club Collar


The rounded off club collar is a style opposite to the pointed, Originally preferred by Eton College students, wearers were searching for a way to differentiate themselves from other school students and build a sense of belonging – a ‘club membership feeling” as it were.


Pin Collar


Similar to the tab, a pin collar often covers the distance between the points and lifts the tie knot. But, instead of a tab, a special collar pin is used. As part of the design, shirts for collar pins will typically have special holes, and the pins themselves can be bought from specialists.

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Tab Collar

A tab collar, identifiable by a tab below each side that fastens at the top button of the shirt, may be opted for by those who prefer a more traditional look. This ensures that the collar tips are pulled closer together, raising the tie knot for a classic, distinguished finish. Without a tie, this sort of collar does not work.

Point Collar

The pointed collar is now the most prevalent collar type and is a business staple. Every side of the collar is pointed away from a bind, as the name implies, and the space between the points varies. This collar won’t be protected by jacket lapels, and it fits well with a fabric of medium stiffness. For all face shapes, a point collar works well but particularly for wider faces as the points draw the eye in.