What makes a good speaker?

July 2, 2020 2:15 pm


You may have been asked at some point to address a group. This could be at a board meeting or even the speech at a friend or relatives wedding. It’s not a bad thing to be nervous but what is it that makes people good at speaking in public.. One thing is for sure this Motivational Speaker UK based person is a definite hit if you check out the link. Here are a few pointers for you;

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  1. Come out of the blocks fighting. Don’t be afraid to start with a strong opening statement to your speech. Let the audience know you are confident in what you have to say and mean business.
  2. It’s not just what you say it’s what you do. A much quoted statistic is that people only listen to you 20 percent of the time. Whilst this is debatable (consider Morgan Freeman’s voice) how you deport yourself is also important. Don’t slouch, stand up straight and scan the room making eye contact.

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  1. Make the silences count. Pause for effect and if it falls flat shug and move on. You do not need to be talking all the time.
  2. Be passionate and vary your speech. Monotone is not acceptable.
  3. Connect with the audience. The chances are they will be wanting you to do well.