Tips for Getting the Perfect Christmas Gifts

January 26, 2021 12:28 am


As great as Christmas is, the build up to it can become incredibly stressful. From making sure that everyone is happy with the Christmas plans, to booking in all those events and parties, planning the Christmas meal and getting the food shop in and of course the dreaded Christmas shopping.

Christmas shopping is especially difficult when you have one or even several family members that are notoriously difficult to buy for – whether they are the types that say ‘don’t get me anything’ but secretly they do expect a gift and would be disappointed not to have one, or maybe they buy themselves what they want throughout the year. People like this can make getting Christmas gifts stressful as of course you want to get them something that they will love.

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Of course it may be that you walk around the shops and find something that you just know they will l love like this brown Secrid wallet from EJ Menswear, but if you have not been lucky enough to spot the perfect gift on your wanderings around the shops here are some things you can try to get inspired…


Write a list – Put down all of the things that they like, hobbies interest etc. Literally a list of that person. This can help you think outside the box and come up with a fantastic gift.

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Think of what they need – If you get them something practical that they can use and enjoy this is far better than a novelty item. Maybe they love a certain food? Then buy them a food subscription box. If they have a specialist hobby or interest, get them a magazine subscription that focuses on that.