There are many types of Ants

August 27, 2020 6:43 am


Ants are one of the most annoying insects that you can come across. They are small, they bite and they seem to like to hang around despite your best efforts when trying to get rid of them. If things are starting to be too much and you’ve exhausted all avenues to get rid of them it is probably time for a Pest Control Chelmsford company to come in and help you. They offer the best Pest Control service around. What types of ants are there?

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First of all, not all ants like to enter the home. There are some twelve thousand types that we know of but only a small amount will be interested in coming in and having a mooch around. One of the most interesting is the acrobat ant. This cleaver fellow has a neat trick when it feels threatened by a predator. It raises its abdomen up and tries to look like a scorpion. It then dash’s about showing great skill, like an acrobat.

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The carpenter ant is one that you really do not want around. Sadly, they don’t provide nice bowls or useful wood items as their name suggests. They do not eat the wood either. What they like to do is clear out wood so that they can make a nice nest. This can cause terrible damage.

The crazy ant is guaranteed to make you crazy. They like to make themselves at home in carpets, any voids in the wall or even a nice houseplant. When they are discovered they tend to run around like a crazy thing, hence the name,