How to Make your Student Accommodation Feel Just Like Home

February 26, 2021 5:02 am


One of the biggest steps in life is leaving home for the first time live independently. This is an exciting time and for many young adults it is combined with studying – many people leave home to go to somewhere such as this student accommodation Cheltenham based Your Perfect Pad.


As exciting as this is, may people can feel a little anxious or homesick to begin with. But there are lots of great ways to get student accommodation feeling cosy and homely which will help you to settle in better and make the place your own…


Use Lighting – One of the best ways to make a room instantly feel cosier is with lighting. Funky lamps and fairy lights are student room must haves as they are a cheap and easy way to make the room feel comfortable and cosy in an instant!

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Make it Personal – To combat the feeling of homesickness, create a collage of photos from home, and decorate with personal touches that are special to you. Many people like to take something that smalls like home, such as a beloved teddy or blanket that you can snuggle into for comfort at night.

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Have a Comfortable Bed – A bed is somewhere to relax and unwind and get your much needed sleep, so make it an inviting place to be. Use soft fabrics and plenty of throws and blankets, as well as comfy cushions to sink into at the end of a long day studying or a night out partying!