Keeping Healthy in the Office

March 2, 2021 2:32 pm


Whilst we are at work it is easy to get worn down by the pressures of working life and all too often, we probably don’t take care of ourselves as best we could. So, what are some of the things that you can do a t work to make sure that you are keeping yourself well, whether you are back in the office or still working from home?


Look after your back – Many people realise too late the importance of correct posture. It is usually when they are trying to find someone like this physio Monmouth based Clinikind that they realise their back problems stem from poor posture. Because office work involves a lot of sitting in one place, making sure that your posture is good is the best way to prevent back problems later in life.

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Eat Healthily – It can be tempting to have an array of sugary snacks at your side in the office, but there are ways that you can snack in a much healthier way – meaning improved energy levels and healthier teeth! Replace sweets and biscuits with nuts, carrot sticks or fruit for when you ned a healthy energy boost.

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Keep well Hydrated – One of the most common problems that people suffer with is dehydration. Symptoms of this include tiredness and headaches, as well as dark coloured urine and a dry mouth. Keeping well hydrated is paramount to your health so keep a water bottle on your desk at all times so you can drink regularly throughout the day.