Are you wondering what happens at a BRC audit?

October 23, 2020 1:36 pm


If your business is getting ready for one of these audits, here is what you can expect:

A certification from BRC means your business has demonstrated a commitment to strong industry practices in health and hygiene. There are certain requirements to achieve certification and these are what get checked during an audit. The standard covers nine key aspects:

  • Demonstrable commitment from senior management
  • A current HACCP safety plan
  • Systems in place for the safety and quality management of food
  • Site standards are being met
  • Control of products
  • Control of processes
  • Staff
  • Care of higher risk areas
  • Regulations covering traded goods

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During an audit, an assessor will go through the site and the processes with the above factors in mind. They will want to see senior management proactively engaged with continuous improvement and safe processes. For more information on the BRC Audit, visit a site like MQM Consulting.

The auditor will also want to examine the HACCP plans for the business and if these are being adhered to on a routine basis. They will also be looking to see in depth documents detailing processes to encourage safe food handling and production.

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The site should be clean, clear and safe for the processes that happen there. There must be strong controls for things like allergy management and the testing of different products.

Auditors will also want to see that personnel are highly trained, skilled, wearing the correct personal protection and carrying out excellent hygiene measures.