What checks are made during a boiler service

September 16, 2021 11:56 am


Having your boiler checked every year by a Boiler Servicing Belfast company, or one local to your area can help to ensure that your heating system is in full working order. Not only does this mean that your chosen Boiler servicing in Belfast engineer checks that you are not running an inefficient system but they will also check its safety.

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Here are some of the areas that are looked at in a service:

  • Checking all emissions from your system including looking for any leaks that could be occurring
  • Checking the control functions of your system to ensure that they are working as they should be
  • Conducting pressure checks and adjusting the system if needed as well as looking at the rate the gas is supplied to your heating unit
  • Looking over all the internal components of the system to check for any damage
  • Checking all of the safety devices that are in your system to make sure they are functioning as they should
  • Looking for any corrosion or leaks in the system and arrange for these to be repaired or replaced if necessary
  • Cleaning any areas of the boiler that might be dirty
  • Checking for leaks and condensation and identifying the causes of these

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Having your boiler serviced on an annual basis can help save you money in the long run by identifying any issues before they turn into big costly problems and giving you the chance to have things repaired and replaced before they have an impact. There is nothing worse than getting to the winter months and finding out your boiler isn’t working correctly to give you warm water and heating.