Three Ways to Make Your Garden Great This Summer

June 30, 2022 10:41 am


As the weather is now warmer and we can all enjoy being outdoors more, many of us are thinking about our gardens. Putting the right care and attention into your garden means that you can get more pleasure from it throughout the warm summer months, when we all enjoy spending more time outdoors. Here are some ways to keep your garden looking its best throughout the summer…

Watering – Summer tends to be drier, and the hot sunshine can quickly cause plants to become thirsty and die. To keep your garden healthy throughout the summer, watering is important. When you water, it is much better in the heat of the summer to do this in the cooler times of the day such as first thing in the morning or last thing at night. You should also give plants a thorough soaking so that the water can penetrate deep into the soil where the roots really need it rather than doing much less water but more regularly.

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Plants – You may have many plants in your garden that come back year after year, but if you want to add some real colour and more flowers to your garden, using summer bedding plants is a great way to do this. Somewhere like a garden centre, or even online like Palmstead plants for trade suppliers will offer a range of different summer bedding plants and you can easily add them to hanging baskets, pots and flower beds to add more colour to the garden at this time of the year. When you are doing this, the better your quality of compost the more successful your plants will be, so don’t be tempted to go with the cheapest brand – have a look into the various types of compost to really make sure your plants thrive.

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Furniture – Because we all enjoy sitting out and spending time outdoors in the summer, having good garden furniture can make a huge difference to our enjoyment of the garden. If you have furniture that is past its best, it may be time to look at getting some more. You could also make repairs and give a fresh coat of paint to old and shabby garden furniture to have it looking as good as new!