All About CCTV Drainage Surveys

April 26, 2021 7:06 pm


CCTV drain inspection is very important because it allows the drains to be inspected without the need to dig the area up completely. The systems of drainage are very reliable and do not require large amounts of maintenance, even though most of the drainage systems are underground. However, if any problem occurs with any of the drains then the drainage problems should be immediately checked by qualified professionals so that immediate action can be taken. Usually the CCTV Drainage Surveys inspection takes around 15-30 minutes. When it is carried out by a highly experienced drainage company, such as Wilkinson Environmental , no delays  occur and the drainage problems can be detected immediately.

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Most of the companies now use CCTV cameras to detect any obstruction in the drains and make the necessary repair as soon as possible. In case the camera detects a blockage in the drain then it alerts the operator of the CCTV camera. It is possible for the operator of the CCTV camera to proceed to using the camera to take a detailed picture of the location of the blockage, the width of the drain, and the depth of the drain. The captured images are then sent to a computer which is linked to the drainage system and can easily locate the cause of the blockage. Once the cause is identified, then the repair can be done without further delay.

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Any sort of leakages or obstructions in the drains can be detected by CCTV drain inspection. Sometimes, CCTV camera systems are installed in the drains in a bid to avoid such instances from happening.