The Journey of your Food

September 15, 2020 5:24 am


We are all used to being able to purchase our food from the supermarket- a bounty of choice is available to us and a wide range of food from many countries – but to get to the supermarket shelves there is a lot of work involved and many processes that food has to go through before it makes it to us.

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Food has to meet a wide variety of standards and requirements before it can even head off on its journey to the supermarket, or to be processed. Some foods will then head off to a factory where they are rigorously checked to ensure that once again, they meet requirements.


The factories themselves are also required to meet high standards – from the hygiene of the staff who work there to the electroless nickel plating of the equipment, it is crucial that all of these high standards are met when it comes to food preparation.

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Once these standards have been satisfied, it is time for the food to be packaged and sent off on its merry way. Some food travels hundreds of miles before it reaches our supermarket shelves, as a lot of food we enjoy is imported – this is why the processing part is so important – we want it to arrive in the supermarket and not be spoiled.


So next time you walk around the shops deciding what you might have for dinner that week, think how far all of the food may have travelled to be there!