Which style type are you?

May 10, 2021 4:53 pm


Have you ever wondered what your style type is? Whilst there aren’t as many for men as there are for women, there is still plenty for men to explore and discover.

The Jock – This is the guy who loves his athleisure wear. This look typically involves button down jersey shirts, hoodies, jeans and joggers. This is one of the most common style types as its comfort and versatility make it hugely popular for guys of any age.


The Hipster – This is a more ‘put together’ look than that of the Jock but is also hugely popular and offers natural comfort with a carefree air. A Hipster’s wardrobe will consist of shirts, V-neck sweaters, denim, graphic t-shirts and check shirts. Accessories are important and include belts, beanie hats and sunglasses all topped off with the essential skinny jeans. For Mens Farah Oxford Shirts, visit EJ Menswear

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The Street Artist – Inspired by Hip Hop and skate culture, a street look encompasses much of the athleisure style but with a focus on high top trainers, bold coloured hoodies with graphics, distressed jeans and lots of layering.


The Rugged Rock Star – This cool, sexy look features leather or bomber jackets, boots, dark jeans in a fitted or ripped style and a classic white or black slim fit t-shirt. If you look like you’ve just stepped off a motorcycle or about to star in a rock music video then you’ve nailed this style.

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The Business Man – If you’re never without a fine tailored suit or blazer and trousers paired with the finest Oxford shoes, then you are the epitome of corporate style and look the business!