Aran Sweaters – An Irish Delight

June 24, 2021 6:40 am


The Aran sweater is actually a style of sweater, which takes its name from an Aran Island off the west coast of Ireland known as Aran. A traditional Aran sweater is white in colour, usually with cable designs on the upper body and sometimes with silver or gold embroidery on it. Those from Shamrock Gift

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Many years ago this style of sweater was created to keep warm when the fisherman went out rowing or fishing. When the first batches of these sweaters were given to Irish fishermen, they fell in love with the product and kept working on them by hand creating more wool sweaters until the yearning for a machine-made sweater came about.

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Today this wonderful garment can be bought in numerous designs and styles. There are many different kinds of Aran wool sweaters available to suit everyone’s tastes. The aran sweater usually comes in a crew neck style, which is how most people are familiar with this sweater. However, there are also styles that one can opt for like the long sleeve, the short sleeve, or even the camouflage style in Irish wool sweaters. No matter what the preference is for a person who wears this sweater, they will definitely appreciate the fact that it is made with real fibers, and not the artificial ones that are often used during the manufacturing of these items.