What Are the Different Types of Financial Planning?

April 7, 2021 8:27 am


Basically, financial planning is the method in which individuals and families plan for their future. Financial planning services can be provided by a financial planner who works independently as an independent financial adviser. The planner provides financial planning services to individuals, families, students and other institutions. Professional financial planners can also help corporations with financial planning services. For Cardiff Financial Planning, visit Harry Robinson

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The financial planner’s duties are not only limited to financial planning. In fact, it is not uncommon these days that a financial planner performs services such as estate planning, asset protection planning and retirement planning. A good financial planner should be able to assist clients achieve their long-term financial goals through careful planning. Clients are advised to hire a financial planner with extensive knowledge and years of experience. In order to provide quality financial planning services, financial planners should have qualifications in Business Administration or Finance and Accounting.

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Investment planning is another arm of financial planning. What is Investment Management? Investment management is an expert professional tool for asset management, which involves the systematic organisation of diverse securities, such as equities, securities bonds, and many others, including property, to serve specific investment objectives of the investor. It is a collective discipline of professionals that use investment-oriented policies and practices to provide investors with the information they need to assess the risks and rewards of an investment choice.