Why it is important to make a good first impression

May 7, 2020 4:38 pm


We have all heard the phrase ‘first impressions count’ and this applies not only in your everyday life meeting people but also in business. Whether it is meeting people at a networking event or visitors coming to your business place it is important to think about all the elements that make up that first initial impression.

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Greeting – the greeting that an individual gets, whether in person or on the telephone immediately sets the tone and this is why it is important to really consider the individuals that you have working in these front line positions. Receptionists and call centre staff need to have the appropriate training to be able to answer calls and deal with visitors and customers in the manner that best reflects your business personality.

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Reception area – there is nothing worse than waiting for a meeting in a reception area that feels cold and unwelcoming, with nowhere to sit. It is important to think about the colours that you decorate this area in and you will also want to look at Reception Chairs so that your vistos can sit in comfort whilst they wait. There are a Large range of reception chairs to choose from and you can find one that best fits the space you have available.