Tips for turning your hobby into a business

September 21, 2020 6:18 pm


As more and more people look to create their own wealth and security and to improve their work life balance, new home businesses are being established across the country. For some this is a move to replicate the work they completed as an employee but on a freelance basis and others are turning their hobbies and interests into successful and viable businesses.

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There are many businesses that fall into this category such as cake makers, sewing enthusiasts, those who enjoy woodworking as well as those who make jewellery, candles and toiletries from home. With a move to support British businesses it is thought that people who turn their hobbies into businesses will benefit greatly in the future.


Here are some tips to help your business on its way.

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Accountant – working with a good Accountants Cheltenham way means that you can ensure that you are following all the necessary legal guidelines for your business finances. Working with professionals who Are accountants in Cheltenham can not only see your year end reports completed but your day to day accounting can be taken care of as well.


Marketing – having a way to market to your potential customers is essential to getting your business off the ground. This could be done using the many social media channels that are available as well as by utilising a website and of course traditional advertising methods.


Structure – getting the structure of your business right is incredibly important. For some this could be working as a sole trader and for others it may be more important to set up a limited company. Again this is something that your chosen accountants can help you with.