“Instant Family”, the 2018 comedy drama starring Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne

June 1, 2020 5:18 pm


Pete and Ellie Wagner have been teased for years by unrelenting, unfeeling relatives about not being able to conceive children and decide to look at the possibilities of Adoption.  After enrolling with Social Services to offer Foster Care in their home first, they attend a Fair to meet possible children to care for.  The loving couple find themselves drawn to Lizzy, a fifteen-year-old girl who stands out from the other children there.  The two Social Workers, Sharon and Karen who are advising Pete and Ellie inform the couple that Lizzy has two younger siblings Juan and Lita who are all currently living with their drug addict mother.

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The three youngsters end up moving into the home and the story revolves around the difficulties they all experience tying to learn to live together as an Instant family.  Pete renovates houses for a living and one day after a particularly frustrating moment with Lizzy he takes her along with him to help demolish a house. Anybody in the Property Maintenance Gloucester business will know the difficulties and frustrations of house renovation and repair.

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The story continues and after four months of trials and tribulations and many ups and downs the children’s Biological Mother “Carla” arrives back on the scene and tries to win her children back.  When Carla reverts back to her drug taking ways and fails to appear at Court the relieved Wagner’s are finally able to formally adopt the three children.