The birth of Channel 4

December 3, 2020 3:16 am


Since the end of the 1960s television sets had been fitted with the option of a second channel for the ITV network. This seemed like a logical approach as the channel was doing well and proving popular. The BBC had successfully launched BBC during the decade and it was now an established part of the television landscape offering a more liberal and artistic option to the main channel. However ITV2 did not materialise and instead as part of the Broadcast Act of 1980 a fourth channel was to be created. This was the beginning of Channel Four that was to see it’s first broadcast on the 2nd of November 1982. It was to become an innovative and controversial new player in the world of UK terrestrial television.

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The huge difference with Channel four is that it was charged with being culturally different to the others. This was an explicit part of the Act which wanted to open up the TV to more cultural representation. Channel 4’s main drive for creation was to act as a Welsh speaking channel and the mainstream option would “piggy back” on this. As  a result S4C or  Sianel Pedwar Cymru  to give it’s proper name came first. The channel was the first to buy it’s programming from independent film and television makers rather than produce content  in house. Of course in order to be able to watch your favourite channel 4 programs you will need a TV Aerials Swansea company such as One Vision to instal a working aerial for you.

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Channel 4’s introduction was made relatively easy because work to create the perceived ITV2 channel had already been completed for the most part of the country.