Walking in Winter – Places to Walk in Dartmoor

November 16, 2020 4:33 pm


Winter is here and there is so much to enjoy still in the beautiful British countryside at this time of the year. Get snuggled up in aran sweaters from shamrockgift.com and get out and about to explore. One of the very best places in the UK to enjoy a winter walk is Dartmoor – the ancient land steeped in mystery and myth has long been a place that has been enjoyed by people who want to get out and enjoy the countryside. Here are a couple of great places to enjoy a walk in Dartmoor…

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Venford Reservoir Walk – This stunning walk will take you through the beautiful countryside where you will see views across the landscape from Bench Tor as you will see the gorge below with all of its mysterious deep pools. Head back and see the peaceful wintery woodlands that the River Dart flows through as well as pretty waterfalls.

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Wistmans Wood – These woodlands have stood for hundreds of years and are a fantastic place to enjoy a relaxing winter walk. The unusual, twisted shapes of the trees have led to many local stories of the woods being haunted – from the hounds that live in trees and haunt the woods at night to the strange tale of the hairy hands of a dead worker who appear at a motorists wheel to force the car off the road. The woods are a rich ecosystem that are protected from the grazing animals due to their inaccessibility and they are also home to many varieties of lichen.