Why living in Park Homes is so popular

December 16, 2020 4:40 am


With more properties selling, the demand for park homes is often high, resulting in pitch prices rising and the industry seeing a massive increase in popularity for this style of living. There are a number of reasons as to why people are looking to move into these types of homes.


One of the reasons people want to live in a home in a park is the sense of community spirit that it can bring. Unfortunately, in recent years, many people live side by side without even knowing the names of each other. Many people want to be able to live in a peaceful community and share the benefits that go with that. Just take the Gloucester Park Homes for Sale for example. Have a look at http://www.parkhomelife.com/our-parks/orchard-park-homes-gloucester-gloucestershire/ to see what’s on offer.

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Good for you and the environment.

The ecological boost is another benefit of park home living. Since park homes are new and innovative in nature, they are designed with as many eco-friendly home comforts as possible, so this type of housing can help both residents and the community be green.

Enjoy the silence

For certain people, living in a city amidst the hustle and bustle of the streets is a way of life, but living in a peaceful rural area and in their own detached property is a fantasy for a growing number of people, particularly those looking to start enjoying their retirement.

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Safe and secure.

Park homes, including on-site staff and CCTV, are well looked after and provide many advantages, plus the sense of community ensures that people look after each other and the property of each other.

Part of a big picture.

Although becoming increasingly attractive among younger residents, in their retirement years, park homes are still overwhelmingly more popular with older residents. For those people wanting to live with people of a similar age, certain parks have age restrictions in place.