What is a brownfield site and what can be done with it

May 29, 2020 1:41 pm


The definition of a brownfield site is a bit more complex in the UK than you might think. On the face of it any site that is no longer used for industry, mining and manufacturing is classed as being a brownfield. However, this is not technically the case. Since 2012 the definition of  what is brownfield has started to be interchanged with that of “previously developed land”. This is a neat ploy by the Department of Planning and Development as it now means there is a much broader definition for what is included. However, they have had the foresight to exclude things like Allotments and Forestry land.

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For the most part the term Brownfield is identified with the reuse of a heavy industry or primary industry site. The issue for the most part is the soil being turned back to residential or leisure/ commercial and rural use. What is needed in these circumstances is a  Land Remediation Company. One of the very best is Land Remediation company Soilfix. They will look to add nutrients, water and oxygen back into the soil to reclaim it.

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With the added pressure of the need for land every present in our country the brownfield or previously developed land allocation is useful to developers and the public to save the green belt.