How to Create More Space in your House Without Moving

September 15, 2020 5:43 am


Moving house is a painstaking and arduous task, and if it is possible to avoid it many of us will. The problem is that sometimes we just feel as if we are running out of space or need more rooms in the house.

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Before you decide that you are going to have to sell up and move think about exploring some of the following options to see if you can make the space in your home work for you…


It is easy to not notice clutter gradually creeping up around you – but a good clear out could free up an enormous amount of space in your home – for example, do you have a whole wardrobe of clothes that you never wear anymore? Take them to a charity shop and you will have an empty wardrobe.


Adding an extension to your house is a great way to create extra space – if you don’t have much room to build outside, consider converting a garage or an attic into an extra room or two – make sure you speak with a professional such as these house extensions Birmingham from Ifurb – done well you can create a lot of additional space.

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Using one room for two different things is a great way to free up space – with some smart thinking it can work really well – for example, an office can double up as a store room, or a walk in wardrobe – be creative and think about how you use your space.