What you Need to Think About when Planning a House Move

May 25, 2021 2:29 pm


If you are thinking of moving house, there is a lot that you should think about before you make the move. Being well prepared and planning ahead will increase your chances of a stress free move as well as helping you to avoid any obstacles or situations which might negatively impact you and your family. Here are the things that you should plan out before you move…

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Financially there is more to moving than the cost of the house and the mortgage itself. Factor in all of the costs so that you can budget for them and look at ways that you can save some money too. For example, do you need to hire a removal company, or could you cut costs and with some planning and organisation hire a van yourself to move everything? Of course, you cannot avoid costs such as solicitors or estate agents’ fees, but think about SDLT (Stamp duty land tax) – if you have moved recently, you may even be eligible for an SDLT refund – find out more here https://www.sentientsdlt.co.uk/

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As well as the financial side of it, ideally you want a house to move to improve your quality of life overall, so research the area well that you want to buy in and think about the day to day practicalities such as travelling to work and children’s schooling when you are considering a house, as well as the whether the house itself is suitable for you.