Common Reasons Why a Hydraulic Pump Might Be Failing

August 2, 2021 6:08 pm


There are a variety of reasons why a hydraulic pump might be failing. If it is a hose failure, then there could be a leak under the pump which causes liquid to flow through a section of the hose where it is supposed to stop. Another common problem is a seal or valve break which is causing the fluid in the line to not be able to make it down the pipe to the hydraulic pump. Even if the problem is with the rotors, it is often the case that the hydraulic pump will fail as a result of a seal that has been damaged by rust, dirt, debris or a foreign object that has entered into the machine. In these cases, replacing the seal is the best way to ensure that the machine continues to work correctly.

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Sometimes, a piece of debris will attach itself to the pumping area and will prevent the pump from moving properly, causing it to fail. A small hole in the pump might also cause the liquid to flow in the wrong direction, causing it to fail. Other pieces of debris, such as twigs, mud or even bird droppings, can cause the pump to clog and stop working properly, causing it to become inoperable. Avoid all these problems by hiring your plant machinery. For Leicester Plant Hire, go to

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All hydraulic pumps contain several elements which work together to allow the machine to move fluid through the working area. The most important part of the unit is the hydraulic pump, which is responsible for taking the fluid in the lines and moving it to the different parts of the machine.