What Exercise is Good For a Bad Back?

May 5, 2021 3:05 pm


So what exercise is good for a bad back? The key word here is to be able to identify what back exercises for back pain relief are necessary. For instance you can do core strengthening with low impact aerobics to help repair your back after an injury, but you might also need to add weight training to the program to tone your back muscles and build up the strength of your core.

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But back pain exercises alone will not be enough to keep your spine healthy. You have to work on strengthening your core in addition to the other exercises for back pain relief that you do. It’s best to work in an alternating fashion between core strengthening and any other exercises for back pain relief that you are doing. You should always use the most appropriate exercises for your level of back pain. These include exercises for improving your strength, stretching and other activities that strengthen your back muscles while also improving your flexibility. Seek help from a Chiropractor Dublin like Chiro Practix

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If you’re exercising to strengthen your back then you should always warm up before your exercise and cool down after your exercise as well. And you should always stretch after every exercise. Stretching helps to keep your spine healthy. Your back muscles will lengthen and relax when you stretch them, which is good for your back pain. You can find many additional exercises that are good for back pain relief, including exercise routines that you can do at home and that will be sure to give you results.