The Healing Powers of Flowers and the Work of Doctor Bach

July 1, 2021 5:36 pm


Flowers have the ability to bring us great joy – a birthday bouquet for mum, a bunch of red roses for a lover on Valentine’s day and a floral arrangement for a funeral are all ways that we get experts like this florist Tewkesbury based the Flowershed Tewkesbury to help us to express our feelings through beautiful blooms.


But as well as this, many people believe that flowers and plants have the ability to cure us of our ailments, and in particular problems with our feelings and moods. This is nothing new – our ancestors over three thousand years ago were well aware of the flora and fauna that they shared the earth with, and they made many remedies from the plants, and learned a lot about them.

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This is something that Doctor Bach, a London Surgeon who treated soldiers during the first world war, also had a keen interest in, and wanted to explore further. He firmly believed that treating a disease itself was not enough and that doctors should focus on the person as a whole.


He left London and researched, tested and prepared thousands of different species of flowers, which he believed each had their own essence, which, if captured, could cure various ills. He realised that each essence could help to alleviate a negative mental state in each of his patients. He believed that curing a mental problem, could then allow their bodies to heal from physical illnesses.

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His life’s work has stood the test of time, and many people all over the world swear by his remedies to get them through the difficult mental struggles that they have.