The disadvantages of a low fodmap diet

November 26, 2020 4:32 am


Studies have shown that low fodmap diets are proven to have a significant number of health benefits to individuals suffering from digestive issues. Fodmaps are beneficial for the stomach in limited amounts as they encourage the growth of good bacteria. There are many helpful websites with recipes and advantages of starting a low fodmap diet, such an example can be found here: However, there are some disadvantages to starting this type of diet.


The process is not an easy one to start or keep up with. It can be restricting in social settings and eating out in restaurants. One could even be perceived as a “fussy eater.”


The main reason for a low fodmap diet not being recommended long term is that it can be very restrictive. There are a few experts who have expressed concerned for those who follow this diet as it could mean they are not able to meet all of their nutritional requirements due to restrictive nature of the diet.


As there is no cure for those who suffer from IBS, another issue with this type of diet is that it is not a long- term solution. It can relieve symptoms for a small amount of time and as this diet is not recommended long- term, symptoms can re-appear.


A low fodmap diet is not recommended for pregnant women and children who suffer from digestive problems. Not enough research has been undertaken to prove the effectiveness and support the safety of this diet for either group.

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