How to protect your staff in the summer

November 25, 2021 6:26 pm


As the world beings to inevitably heat up, the demands on the care of the workforce are also going to rise. At the moment, in the UK, there is a minimum acceptable temperature that people can be expected to work in. If it drops to below this, staff can walk out or take more breaks to warm up, even if they have protective equipment. However there is currently no upper limit. The situation may have to change with the increase of the world climate. Employers and the designers of working buildings may be faced with the issue of how to protect staff from the excess of heat so that the workforce can keep the economy going.

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Natural shading such as trees can significantly reduce temperatures and reduce heat via absorption, However, this is not always possible, and so architects are turning more and more to a system known as Brise Soleil. One of the best providers of this is the creating team of

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With temperatures set to rise, the traditional installation of air conditioning is being viewed as a no-no. It is not a “green” way to cool a building as it uses energy. It is also profoundly inefficient, especially the more antiquated systems in buildings before the 1990s. The many issues that employers and designers face are the Sun. If cloud cover is going to reduce, we shall be exposed to the Sun and its more harmful rays for a considerably more protracted amount of time.