A career in Catering might be for you

January 7, 2021 3:46 pm


Catering and professional chef work is one of the most demanding and also rewarding careers that you can undertake. If you enjoy being with people, like flexible hours of work and a career that’s never boring, it could be right for you to work in hospitality. Here are five strong reasons why a hospitality job is so thrilling.

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  1. You could end up working anywhere in the world. A ramen bar in Tokyo or an Italian Restaurant Dublin way or even around the world on a cruise ship! The skill of hospitality allows you such a wide base that it can be applied anywhere.
  2. If you like the routine – every day doing the same thing, every morning taking the same train – hospitality is not for you. Both all the hours or shifts you work and the work you will be doing during these hours, a career in the hospitality industry requires a lot of flexibility. Depending on your personal interests, you can opt to work day or night. For working parents or those looking for a healthy work-life balance, this versatility in change patterns is perfect.

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  1. People, whether for business travel or leisure, will still require food and drink or a place to sleep. Even as the economy is flagging, the hospitality sector remains relatively secure because people will need to fly for several reasons. This means that you have more opportunities than peers in other fields to be positive about the future.
  2. At colleges and universities, you can find a consistent range of hospitality credentials that are recognised across the industry. Once you have begun your career in hospitality, with lots of on-the-job preparation and workshops, the horizons just keep expanding.